Table of Contents

My Thread is on the Sims 3 web site at Cream 100 Baby Challenge.

Move in and Baby # 1

Moving and Micheal Becomes Toddler

Training and BIG Surprise

Training the Triplets, Micheal Grows Up Again

New Baby Daddy and New Addition

Cream Family Home

Baby # 5 Triplets Become Teens, Micheal Becomes Young Adult and Moves Out

Baby Daddy # 4, Training, and Birthdays

Triplets Become Young Adults and Move Out

Twin Training and Birthdays

Babies and Birthdays

Training, Birthdays, and Baby Daddy # 7

Vacation # 1 Destination: China

Babies, Birthday, Break Ups

Toddler Training

Baby Daddy # 8, Tragedy,  Birthdays and an Unexpected Surprise

Baby Daddy # 9, Birthday and Babies

Birthdays, Toddler Training and Baby Daddy # 10 Moves In

Baby Daddy # 10, Birthdays, and Babies

Toddler Training And Birthdays, Rose Becomes A YA And Moves Out

Tragedy Strikes Again, Birthdays, and Baby Daddy # 11

Toddler Training, Baby Daddy # 12, and More Birthdays

Training Daisy, Baby Daddy # 13 and a Birthday

Birthdays, Toddler Training, and Baby Daddy # 14

Destination: Egypt

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